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我院国际交流部于2017年11月9日晚上19:00在建筑学院报告厅举行了“我的大学梦”主题演讲。主讲人为来自加拿大多伦多大学Douglas Paul Gauvreau教授,他从亲身经历出发,畅谈自身理想,分享成长过程中的矛盾和迷茫并鼓励大家坚持自我追逐梦想。



(文/黄晨曦、杨玲玲  图/王焘)

"My university dream" English speech held successfully in Civil Engineering College

The civil engineering International exchange department held the presentation of ‘my university dream’ successfully in 9th,November,2017 in the academic hall of architecture college. Douglas Paul Gauvreau is the professor from the university of Toronto. In a way of sharing  his own university experiences, he talked about the ambivalences and puzzles when he was chasing his dreams in his young age. Also,he encouraged students to be self-adhere and indomitable when they are achieving their goals.

At first, professor Gauvreau shared the experience of changing his majors for several times since he didn’t have a specific aim in his first three years in university. After communicating with his supervisor he finally understood what he was really interested in. Also, he talked about his career for changing jobs in different fields for many times. Later on, the audiences raised questions and when being asked about how to cope with the pressure of studying, occupational planning ,the further education abroad and other questions raised by students, professor Gauvreau answered each of the questions in detail with the cases of his own experiences and encouraged students to set up a goal and tried hard to achieve it. After the presentation, professor Gauvreau and all students posed for pictures together.

Through this presentation, students said they know more about their university dreams and the true meaning of studying in college. We will try hard for the further education and to broaden horizons. Today’s precious moment with professor and all his words will always encourage us to be ourselves to realize our dreams.

(Author/HUANG Chen-xi、YANG Ling-ling  Photo/WANG Tao)